05 février 2006

-={Alone on my way}=-


I walk alone like every time,
Emerging from another defeat
One more time all I dreamed about
Was just not true and disappeared

I’ve walked alone for a too long time
I’d like to find the right finally
Make no mistakes about this one
Just be in love and stop to bleed

And here you come perhaps you will rescue me
Maybe it’s just a dream, but it’s so beautiful
I just wanna drown myself into it...

I’ve walked alone all this black and white life
I feel like glass I’m gonna break
I need your presence by my side
Unless I will fall as a shit

And here you come I know you will rescue me
If it’s not just a dream, but you’re so beautiful
I just wanna drown myself into your eyes...

One more dream in my crazy mind
One more ghost I ran behind
But you stay in my mind...

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